"Public Advocate of the US" group has long trail of bizarre statements

As the Denver Post reports, a nonsensical mailing attacking Sen. Jean White over her support of civil unions was sent to constituents in her district by a group called "Public Advocate of the United States" (not 'Public Advocates for the United States' as the Post sloppily mislabels them).

It is a shame that the media covering this isn't doing more research into the group that sent the mailing which features a giant picture of two men kissing each other in a snow-blanketed forest while oddly wearing indoor clothing. To be honest, I found their attire to be the most jarring aspect of the homophobe-baiting piece.

"Public Advocate of the United States" is a Virginia-based 501(c)(4) that primarily consists of one man, Eugene Delgaudio, who seems to spend most of his time sending out farcical fundraising pitches warning of "radical homosexuals." Instead of delving into the questionable practices of the group, I'll simply post a few excerpts from some of "Public Advocate's" past fundraising appeals, which tend to read like parodies of Ted Haggard, and let you be the judge of this organization's credibility.

In an appeal titled "The Homosexual Tsunami" sent on January 22, 2010 - Delgaudio breathlessly warns of us homosexuals ramming things down our throat:
If I don’t raise the funds, weak-kneed moderates in Congress will assume this in a one-sided battle – that “everyone” is in favor of the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

[REDACTED], if we don’t act now, the Homosexual Lobby will ram it right down our throats.
In an email sent on February 12, 2011 and titled "Public Advocate Launches Raid on CPAC" - Eugene explains that the annual CPAC conference in Washington D.C. is ground zero for predatory homosexual behavior and implied pedophilia which takes place at "alcohol parties."
In years past I have watched in consternation as open homosexuals aggressively fished for unwary young men at CPAC.

More than once I had to rush in and rescue minors and other unsuspecting conservatives from these homosexuals who seek to worm their way into positions of trust and authority.

They deceive the naive with talk of how big and important they are.

They dangle a "career" in politics in front of their eyes and then comes the invite to the alcohol party.
Did you know that the ultimate result of civil unions will be gay men cavorting nude in the U.S. Capitol building? Delgaudio makes the case in a June 16, 2011 email titled "Legal threats and intimidation.":
You see, in their sick world radical homosexuals can desecrate churches, spread their filth across the internet, and run naked through the very halls of Congress.
In an email sent August 11, 2011 titled "Is this what the Founders meant by Freedom of Speech?" - Eugene spends the bulk of the 1000-word email simply describing gay pride parades. He also felt the need to include a picture of a man in a rainbow thong not once, not twice, but five times.
Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis hanging all over each other.

Groups of men and women -- it is hard to tell the difference sometimes -- acting out their homosexual lusts in defiance of all standards of decency and morality.

There were tens of thousands of them flooding the streets.

Throngs of open and admitted homosexual radicals have rallied all over our nation. Citizens have to rush to shield their children from the depraved displays of near and sometimes full on nudity.
Always consider the source of attack ads, as in some cases they may be coming from deranged homophobes who seem to have some issues of their own to sort out.

2012 RNC Delegate Rules Strongly Favor Romney

As we approach the Nevada caucus, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have both pledged to contest the nomination until June. Gingrich's strategy is to forfeit caucus states, essentially giving a boost to Santorum and Paul, while preparing to compete in large conservative Southern primaries in the coming months. A review of the delegate apportionment rules set by each state reveals why this strategy is unlikely to work and why the Gingrich campaign is challenging winner-take-all rules in Florida and making legal challenges to Virginia's ballot.

Delegate apportionment in large states Romney is likely to win (New York, Massachusetts, California) heavily weight their delegate slates towards the victor . Large states likely to go to Gingrich (Georgia, Texas) will divide their delegates without as much weighting towards the victor. This means that if Romney and Gingrich win New York and Texas respectively by the same margin, Texas could award twice as many delegates to Gingrich as they do to Romney while New York could award Romney nearly 6 times as many delegates as they do Gingrich.

The Gingrich campaign's failure to make the ballot in Virginia, a state that heavily favors him, delivers Romney a large slate of uncontested delegates he would not win otherwise. Virginia's delegate allocation rules heavily favor the winner of the popular vote in each congressional district, meaning that Gingrich lost a change to not only win a delegate-rich state, but to win it by a large margin and mitigate Romney's similar advantage in aforementioned states such as New York and Massachusetts. Romney will likely win around 40 delegates from Virginia. As one of the largest states to favor Gingrich, this is a setback that cannot be recovered from in a protracted campaign.

All of the winner-take-all states heavily favor Romney. Romney has already won Florida, among the remaining are : Arizona, Puerto Rico, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Utah. The comparative advantage Romney will enjoy over Gingrich from the winner-take-all states, the differences in delegate allocation among proportional states, and Gingrich's Virginia ballot disqualification means that Romney could lose the national popular vote while still enjoying a comfortable enough lead among the delegates to secure the nomination. Even if Rick Santorum were to drop out, Gingrich would see the largest gains from his abscense in caucus states that tend to allocate their delegates more evenly according to the popular vote. If 100% of Santorum's support hypothetically went to Gingrich, the extra delegates would still not be enough to let him catch up to Romney. This scenario is unlikely as polling suggests that Romney would benefit more from Santorum's exit than Gingrich due to his supporters high priority on moral and family issues.

While it is technically true that Romney will not secure enough delegates to win the nomination until June, no one will be able to catch up to him at any point and the structural advantages he enjoys will ultimately win him the nomination. Ironically, John McCain benefited from the same rules in 2008 which prompted the Romney campaign to see the writing on the wall and drop out in February.

Update (3/3/12): While Gingrich was given the role of the leading "anti-Romney" candidate when this was written, the numbers are tracking very close to the projections if Santorum and Gingrich are swapped.

2012 RNC Delegate Summary, RNC Counsel Office
RealClearPolitics - 2012 Republican Primary State Polling

More DPRK Weirdness

The Korean Central News Agency, the propaganda agency of the DPRK, is continuing to pump out videos for western consumption showing how grief stricken North Koreans are over the death of Kim Jong-Il. Here is a compilation of their bizarre "man on the street" interviews complete with handy English subtitles. These may not be as helpful to their cause as they think.

North Korean state media reacts to Kim Jong-Il death

The Korean Central News Agency, the propaganda arm of the DPRK, published this video to their website. While most of it consists of residents of Pyongyang wailing in grief, they choose to finish off the video with interviews of North Korean citizens pledging their loyalty to Kim Jong-Un.

North Korean media seems to be placing even more emphasis on supporting Kim Jong-Un as their new leader than they are on mourning Kim Jong-Il. It seems to be a calculated message directed at both their own people and at foreign powers attempting to downplay indications of instability.

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